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The rules of participation in the auditions in the Kunming International Philharmonic orchestra

1. These Rules define general terms and conditions for participating in the auditions for vacant positions in the Kunming International Philharmonic orchestra (hereinafter referred to as «Orchestra»).
2. The Organizer of the auditions is Kunming College of the Arts with its seat in Huanhu East Rd, Guandu Qu, Kunming Shi, Yunnan Sheng, China (hereinafter referred to as «Organizer»).
3. The participants of the auditions are musicians: certified specialists or students of specialized higher educational institutions (hereinafter referred to as «Applicants»).
4. The Applicants are obliged to comply with these Rules, fire safety rules, rules of legal order, and personal safety and assume full responsibility for their health during the auditions.

1. General Provisions
1.1 The Applicants from 18 years old can participate in the audition. At the time of registration of documents for a visa, the Applicant must have a diploma of professional education.
1.2 Only the Applicants who submitted online application on the website of the Orchestra are eligible to take part in the auditions. The schedule for accepting applications will be published in the vacancy announcement.
1.3 The Applicants are obliged to read the rules carefully and comply with them, and follow any changes to the Rules on the website of the Orchestra.
1.4 The rules shall be deemed to have been accepted after submitting the application on the website of the Orchestra.
1.5 Applicants must be punctual and observe the schedule of the auditions determined by the Organizer.
1.6 The Organizer reserves the right to use or to share with third parties audio, photo, and video materials, made during the auditions or send by the Applicants to the Organizer, unrestrictable in terms of time and place; including public performance, reproducing, translation, playing out, broadcasting, sharing in public places, for Orchestra’s promotional purposes.
1.7 Participation in the auditions is free of charge.
1.8 Applicants must provide for themselves musical instruments and sheet music for the auditions.
1.9 The Organizer does not cover the expenses of the Applicants for transportation, accommodation, services of an accompanist, buying of sheet music, renting musical instruments etc. during the audition.
1.10 The Applicants who have submitted their applications may not receive the invitation for the auditions if the content of the application does not correspond to the qualification demands of the Orchestra or contains inaccurate or incomplete information.

2. Auditions
2.1 The schedule of auditions will be published in the announcement of the audition.

2.2 The required repertoire and sheet music for the auditions can be found in the section «Required repertoire» on the website of the Orchestra.

2.3 The addresses where the audition will take place will be published on the website of the Orchestra.
2.4 The Applicants who have submitted their applications will receive an e-mail with the date and the time of the audition.
2.5 All the auditions are closed for audience.
2.6 The Applicants must come to the audition, at least, 15 minutes earlier.
2.7 Failure of the Applicant to appear on the audition in time leads to their disqualification.
2.8 The list of the Applicants who have gone through the competitive process will be announced not later, than the 30th of April, 2017. The Applicants will receive the notification about the results of the audition by e-mail.
2.9 The Organizer reserves the right to make a final decision concerning the positions of the applicants in the groups of the orchestra.
2.10 The decision of the Organizer shall be final and not subject to further appeal.
2.11 The Organizer reserves the right to exclude any Applicant from the participation (at any stage), in case the performance of the audition program does not satisfy professional criteria. The Organizer has a right to reduce or to stop the performance of an Applicant.

3. Consent for personal data collection, processing and storage
3.1 Submitting the application on the website of the Orchestra, the Applicant gives his or her consent for personal data collection, processing, and storage and for receiving the information at the specified e-mail addresses and phone numbers.
3.2 The consent is required for the purpose of organizing, conducting, and announcing the results of the auditions to fill vacant positions in the Orchestra.
3.3 This consent is required to perform certain actions with the personal data which are necessary or highly recommended to reach the above mentioned aims including collection, classification, accumulation, storage, updating and changing, using, sharing (including with third parties), sending via e-mail, anonymization, blocking, removing, and publication on the Internet.
3.4 Submitting the application on the website of the Orchestra, the Applicant gives his or her consent to processing the following personal data: full name; sex; date of birth; citizenship; contact information (e-mail, phone number, postal address); educational background; work experience.
3.5 The Applicant agrees that personal data processing can be performed both with the use of automated means and without them.
3.6 The consent for personal data processing is valid from the moment of submitting the application to participate in the Orchestra’s auditions at the Orchestra’s website up to the date of the withdrawal unless otherwise provided by law.
3.7 The Applicant has a right to withdraw such consent at any time. To withdraw the consent for personal data processing, it is necessary to submit a written application at the location of the Organizer personally or by mail or send a digital copy of the application with the signature of the Applicant by e-mail at least 30 days prior the withdrawal.

4. Final provisions
4.1 The rules are deemed to be valid since their publication on the website of the Orchestra.
4.2 The Organizer reserves the right to modify these Rules, add new paragraphs concerning the auditions, decision of the commission, invitations of the Applicants, accommodation, rehearsals, and concerts without notice.
4.3 The Organizer reserves the right to make a final decision in disputable situations not defined by these Rules.
4.4 In case, an Applicant fails to comply with these Rules, the Organizer reserves the right to refuse the Applicant participation in the auditions and further employment in the Orchestra or participation in its projects.