Project Description


Yunnan Grand Theatre, Kunming


Oleh Sheremeta


Educational project “General Mobilization”

Together with RuiBaide performing arts company a unique project of concert-lectures for children and their parents was developed and presented.

There were several goals that were set for this project, and each of them was an independent part of a large project.

Teaching: expand students’ knowledge of classical music and a symphony orchestra. To acquaint students with different groups of musical instruments that included in the modern symphony orchestra: stringed instruments, wind instruments, percussion, keyboard, harp and even organ.

Developing: to show and explain the difference between groups of instruments of the orchestra through entertainment methods during the concerts. Give basic knowledge about musical terms and writing.

Education: development of audience musical taste and interactive teaching of culture and arts.

The concert-lectures series includes 5 performances on the following topics:

  1. string instruments
  2. woodwinds
  3. brass instruments
  4. piano, harp and percussion instruments
  5. gala symphony concert

First concert of this series was held on 21st of April, 2018 with great success and feedbacks from media with looking forward for future performances.

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