Project Description


Crowne Plaza, Kunming


Oleh Sheremeta

  • Lu Qiming – Overture “Ode to Red Flag” (吕其明 – 管弦乐序曲“红旗颂”)
  • Flying Red Flag
  • Liu Chi – My Motherland (乔羽, 刘炽- 我的祖国)
  • Bedřich Smetana – “Vltava”
  • Zheng Qiufeng – “I love you China” (我爱你中国), soloists: M. Kurochkina, S. Maslianka
  • Return (杨瑜一曲- 花腰甩腔)
  • Wan Li – Di Di Melody (的的调)
  • Wan Li – Mountain fairy tale (山童)
  • Me and My Country (我和我的祖国)

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